Friday, May 16, 2008

What a week!

Okay, I'm a bad blogger, but it's been a mentally draining week, mostly because of work. Let me recap for you:

Saturday - I worked half the day, but left at noon because my computer was jacked up and I couldn't really get anything done. (Brother) John came into town that afternoon and we met up at 4:30 Mass to see the last performance of the kids' choir. After that, we picked up some pizza and hung out at (sister) Mary's house for the evening, eating pizza and watching 'Cloverfield' (
Sunday/Mother's Day - I worked another half day and then the entire family met for brunch at Catfish Charlie's ( Yummy! Afterwards, we hung out at Mary's for the afternoon. I headed home about 4:00 to spend time with the Beagle (yes, I was feeling a little guilty), and then, of course, there was the season finale of Survivor: Fans vs Favorites... I cannot believe that Parvati won, but I guess she was the most devious and manipulative, wasn't she? After all, wasn't it her idea to get rid of Ozzy?
Monday - Without boring you with all of the details, let's just say that work is kicking my ass these days. I am incredibly busy; I feel like one of those people who spins plates on sticks and is running back and forth to keep all of the plates spinning... The tech from NCR came to fix my computer, so at least that's back on track. Home, exhausted, early to bed.
Tuesday - Work, work, work. Then, it was off to Shelby's band concert. She played the flute in the regular band and this was her first performance playing the bass guitar in the jazz band. She was pretty good; my little niece is turning into a rock star! Home, exhausted, bed.
Wednesday - My day off, so of course it was laundry and cleaning the house first thing in the morning. My friend, Leia, drove up from Worthington with Chopper, her 2-year-old male Beagle and it was off to the Bark Park. It was a beautiful day, so we let the dogs run for almost 2 hours. Then it was home for a much needed nap.
Thursday - Work, work, work. Home, walk the Beagle, dinner, 'Ugly Betty', 'Grey's Anatomy' and then pass out.
Friday - Work, work, work. Today was a good day; I got a lot done and made a big dent in the pile of research that I'm working on. Home at 7:30, walk the Beagle, and now I'm looking forward to my weekend off. This is the weekend of the local middle school's production of "Guys and Dolls", featuring, of course, (niece & nephew) Shelby and Jacob. {Watch for my complete review later this weekend.}
Well, faithful readers, that's my recap of the week. I know it doesn't seem that busy, but that work piece is wearing me out, causing everything else to seem hectic.
Good night!

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