Monday, May 26, 2008


The National Weather Service said that the tornado that tore up half a town in northeast Iowa and killed seven people was the strongest to hit the state in 32 years. The weather service ranked it an EF5 - at the top of its scale.
Sunday's twister, three-quarters of a mile wide with winds of up to 205 mph, tore a path through Parkersburg, leveling over half of this little town 120 miles west of Dubuque. The storm continued on, with tornadoes touching down several times, with the last big funnel cloud being seen near Manchester, about 45 miles west of my house.
Bailey and I spent the better part of the night listening to the sirens, watching the storm track on TV and wondering if we were seriously in danger. (I actually started packing an emergency bag!) Luckily, the storm veered north and all we got was a severe thunderstorm.

Please keep the storm victims in your prayers...

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