Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday morning...

Another day off, another load of laundry. I'm pretty tired this morning. Last night was (nephew) Jacob's final orchestra concert of the year and after that I decided to go grocery shopping. I haven't done a 'big grocery list' for quite some time so I hit every single aisle and really stocked up. I got home at 10:30 but then had to carry all of the bags into the house. What was I thinking? I was exhausted! Bailey was pretty excited to see about a month's worth of her favorite dog food pouches though. I can always count on her, LOL. She was right there with me, bag for bag, while I brought it all in and put it away. She loves to look in all the bags and I think she's convinced that I'm going to just slap a steak or roast down onto the kitchen floor for her. Silly little girl!
I finally collapsed into bed around midnight, but then remembered that I had to watch 'Survivor'. Did you see it? Erik giving his Immunity Idol necklace to Natalie had to be the absolute dumbest Survivor move ever! OMG! What an IDIOT! Here's a look at list night's Tribal Council:

Enjoy your day!

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