Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lazy weekend for the most part. Friday was payday and my inventory incentive bonus was tacked onto my check, so after paying a bunch of bills I did a huge Sam's Club / grocery store run - so happy to see a full freezer, fridge and pantry, not to mention that Bailey has been keeping a close eye on the new big bag of dog food in the corner. We like being stocked up!
It has been kind of cold this weekend and actually snowed a couple of inches yesterday afternoon/evening, so I have enjoyed playing the hermit. I spent almost the entire day Saturday downloading new music, adding it to my iPod and burning CDs for the car. Today was laundry day and rest; swedish meatballs and noodles in the crockpot made the house smell awesome. I didn't do any crafting this weekend, I'm afraid - I just didn't have the ambition and the couch seemed way more inviting.
Big week at work coming up - I'm working on a couple of big investigations that will hopefully net me an internal case or two. So, with that, I'm heading to bed!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Not much going on, although Spring has finally arrived. Did a little scrapping and a little cardmaking today. I mostly used up some scraps to shore up my card stash; then I stamped a couple of images and colored them with my Copic markers (which are worth every penny, btw). Here's the scrapbook page I completed:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

okay, so I changed my mind

Two weeks ago I sat here proclaiming that the new season of American Idol 'sucked'. Clearly, I must have missed Adam Lambert. Well, I've changed my mind; here is the guy I think that America will ultimately select:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

random stuff

Raining tonight. In fact, it has been raining all day. But, hey, better than snow. Chilly tonight, but not really. I think my body is just way too ready for Spring.
Didn't do much today - a few errands and then stopped by a friends' house for a couple of hours. I did spend some time this morning organizing the 'craft closet', making room for a bunch of new Tim Holtz stuff that I got at Michaels. Couldn't resist - you know I love his stuff. Watched a bunch of his demo videos tonight, getting some ideas on how to use the new stuff ( That's a typical 'me-move' - buy it first and then figure out how to actually use it. Now on my next day off I'll actually have to do some creating instead of just looking at my stash!
Waiting for the laundry to finish up. The dryer is taking forever. Just went around the house and set all of the clocks ahead an hour in anticipation of the Daylight Savings Time change tonight.
Johnny Deep / Pirates of the Caribbean on TV. Can't go wrong there. Who doesn't love a little Captain Jack Sparrow?
Just want to crawl under the covers and go to sleep... Have to work early tomorrow; I hate working the weekends. It's all I can do to make myself stay the whole day. Whoa - dryer is done. I'm outta here. Goodnight.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

life the life you've imagined

I did some crafting this past weekend and I find that my style is evolving. I have become quite a fan of Tim Holtz, a Designer & Senior Educator for Ranger Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of inks, paints, and embossing products. As a well known designer, Tim travels across the country and internationally to educate and introduce people to his world of ink techniques, clever projects, and so much more. He truly lives his motto that creativity is an endless journey where we should always take the scenic route. As my journey continues, here's a look at what I created this weekend with some of his products:

Tags made with alcohol & distress inks.

ATC - background paper is glossy cardstock with blended alcohol inks.

I was incredibly excited to see that my local Michaels has begun to carry a wider range of Tim's products from Ranger Industries. For a better look at Tim and his style, check out his website: