Saturday, March 7, 2009

random stuff

Raining tonight. In fact, it has been raining all day. But, hey, better than snow. Chilly tonight, but not really. I think my body is just way too ready for Spring.
Didn't do much today - a few errands and then stopped by a friends' house for a couple of hours. I did spend some time this morning organizing the 'craft closet', making room for a bunch of new Tim Holtz stuff that I got at Michaels. Couldn't resist - you know I love his stuff. Watched a bunch of his demo videos tonight, getting some ideas on how to use the new stuff ( That's a typical 'me-move' - buy it first and then figure out how to actually use it. Now on my next day off I'll actually have to do some creating instead of just looking at my stash!
Waiting for the laundry to finish up. The dryer is taking forever. Just went around the house and set all of the clocks ahead an hour in anticipation of the Daylight Savings Time change tonight.
Johnny Deep / Pirates of the Caribbean on TV. Can't go wrong there. Who doesn't love a little Captain Jack Sparrow?
Just want to crawl under the covers and go to sleep... Have to work early tomorrow; I hate working the weekends. It's all I can do to make myself stay the whole day. Whoa - dryer is done. I'm outta here. Goodnight.

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