Friday, May 2, 2008


Whew! Long week! Now I remember why I like working a couple of days and then having a day off and then working a couple more days... I am dead tired. Still, it's 7:15 pm and I've got the laundry going and have already made a trip to the grocery store for milk, bread, etc. Tomorrow will be a big day:
  • It's opening day of the Farmer's Market (Bailey and I will be heading out first thing)
  • It's Mary's birthday and she wants a family afternoon @ the movies (I think we are seeing Ironman)
  • Birthday festivities will continue with dinner out somewhere...

I'm afraid to lie down before the laundry is done because I think I will probably fall asleep immediately! I guess I'd better get up and straighten up the house while I wait for the dryer. Have a good evening...

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