Sunday, May 18, 2008

Guys and Dolls

Last night was the local middle school's production of 'Guys and Dolls'. I attended because (niece and nephew) Shelby and Jacob were in the cast and had been working on this for almost the entire school year. It was a fun evening and all of the kids did a great job. Now, here's the part I don't understand: before the curtain rose the director made an announcement that no photographs or video would be permitted during the performance because "the contract we signed with New York forbids it". Apparently, when they bought the rights to produce this musical, they got a cheaper deal if they promised not to allow photographs or video... It's junior high, for goodness sakes! These kids have been practicing for the last seven months. Entire families have rearranged schedules to work around rehearsals. For the last two months the kids have stayed after school until 5:30 pm every day to work on this production, causing families to pick them up at school because the bus is long gone. The kids have worked hard and parents have sacrificed and nobody gets a picture of the kids in action? Doesn't seem fair to me... What do you think?

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