Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One of the challenges of living with a dog is dealing with their instinct to hide or bury things.  Murphy is especially comical in his efforts to put something aside 'for later'. 

He shoves whatever it is down between the couch cushions or in the folds of the comforter and then uses his nose to shove things around in order to cover it up.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to raw, red spots on his little nose, which breaks my heart.

Last night I gave him a Halo Spot's Pumpkin Chew and proceded to watch him head for the bedroom, clearly his 'safe place'.  A little bit later, while getting ready for bed, I found it - under the covers and shoved into a pillow.  Whoops!

Once he sees that I've found it, it's time to rehide!  Off to the closet he goes...

Apparently, he thinks that if you put it in there, no one will ever find it.  The closet is definitely his preferred spot.  (I give him points for at least trying to put things away.)

The important thing is, even if you know where it is, you must never let him know that you know.  Otherwise, the process starts all over again.  So, needless to say, that treat is still in my shoe!

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