Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl in Review

Okay, anyone who really knows me knows that I don't follow pro football - don't like it, don't watch it, don't care. The only time I might ever pay attention to the game is if there is an ex-Iowa Hawkeye playing. But, there's something about the Super Bowl that compels me to watch every year. It's an event, a milestone, a 'happening'. It's a World Championship that's settled in one game, not "Best of 7". Something about the game brings out the patriot in me as well. Didn't Jordin Sparks do a great job on the National Anthem? (I was bawling halfway through it.) The halftime show was okay; I'm not a big Tom Petty fan. (Maybe that's why I switched over to the 'Puppy Bowl' on Animal Planet - now there was some real action!) I started out by being neutral, but by the 3rd quarter I was cheering for the Giants - I thought they wanted it more. As always, my true highlights from the game were the commercials. Here are my favorites:

Pepsi Max - watch for Chris Kattan from SNL at the end!

Bridgestone Tires

Sobe LifeWater

T-Mobile - I love Charles Barkley!

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