Saturday, February 21, 2009

I need your opinion! After changing my blog layout and adding music, my brother John (the artist) said:

"My God, you turned it into a big MySpace page! The visual design is alright, but I'd lose the music. I love Madonna and all, but people tend to become annoyed when they navigate to a page and music unexpectedly plays at them (at least I do). Just a suggestion."

So, music or no music? Leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks!
By the way, the piece of advice that little brother gave me that I will carry with me was "A good designer understands that just because they can doesn't mean they should."
And just to give John some exposure, here's a link to his blog:


Fabrizio said...

Hi Teresa, definitely no music or at least leave it off until people want to listen to it once they see your musci widget. Some people listen already to music when they surf so they end up listening to two tracks.......and it's annoying ! 8-)

Lovely spotted dots, pink and black is so elegant, me like.


Shanda said...

leave the music. It's your blog sweetie and you have the right to do with what you want.

Rachelle said...

I agree with Shanda, leave the music. It's yours & you should be able to customize it the way you want to. It's also nice to know a little more about you, music says a lot about a person.

Jennifer Stewart said...

I tried to do this earlier, but my phone wouldn't let me. :) I vote for no music just because it's sometimes too loud or scares me, lol. I have a Playlist on mine, but visitors can turn it off or on. But it's your what you like! :)