Friday, July 25, 2008

christmas in july

So, I stopped in Hobby Lobby after work and what before my wondering eyes did appear, but eight big fat aisles, jam-packed full of Christmas gear! 'Tis the season to begin thinking of the holidays, I'm afraid. Well, at least that's what our local retailers want us to believe. Personally, I want to savor the Fall before I even contemplate the Winter holidays.
What do you think? Are retailers way too quick to push the holidays on us? Or, is it okay to start thinking and planning this far in advance?


John said...

Oh please. No talk of Christmas yet. I'm determined not to even think of Christmas until November 1. Call it a protest.

Fabrizio said...

That card is so sweet ! I like planning Xmas in advance. I've already bought some presents...I have no choice with the credit crunch I need to plan well in advance.