Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Wonderland - HA!

Whoever coined the phrase "Winter Wonderland" obviously never had to drive in this crap! We've had two snowstorms now in the past four days, the first of which had snow mixed with sleet and freezing rain, causing incredibly dangerous road conditions. The driving was treacherous; streets were simply sheets of ice! I white-knuckled it all the way home from work, remembering how much I loved Arizona, LOL.

Last night's snow brought back fonder winter memories - light, fluffy powder, about 4" in all, fell until the early hours. First thing this morning, I took Bailey out to play and she bounced all over the place, pawing at the snow and shoving her little face down into it. I think she truly enjoyed this new experience! After about 20 minutes of running around the yard and jumping in and out of snowdrifts, I was ready to come in but she wasn't (of course). Like always, she changed her mind when I played the 'treat card'. We came in and dried off. She's settled down for a nap now and I'm off to go dig my car out!


frannie said...


I so enjoy your blogs please keep them up. They make me laugh, thats why I love & miss you. I have never been in snow like that before, even the snow in Flagstaff will melt before you get to your car. Hope all is well, talk to ya soon.

Jennifer Stewart said...

Sorry, but that snow is beautiful! :) I wish we'd get just a tiny bit down here.

Jennifer :)