Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home for the holidays! This was the 1st Christmas that I've spent with my family in 20 years and it met nearly every expectation that I had - crazy, chaotic, disorganized, hectic, loud, long; just what I had been missing all of these years. Santa and all of his helpers really came through and after all the wrapping paper was shredded, I had made out like a bandit! I got a bunch of really cool stuff and my brother-in-law came through with 2 really great sweatshirts, of which I had been in desperate need. Bailey scored too - a new bed, handmade bandana, new 'babies', special treats; her pile was almost as big as mine - she really is a spoiled little dog. We spent Christmas Day down at my brother, Jim's house with his wife's family as well. Good food, excellent company, a little crowded at times, but fun.

Back to work tomorrow - ugh! The holidays are almost over and a new year is on it's way! What will 2008 bring?

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