Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wow. So much for my New Year's resolution to be a better blogger. 22 days. In my defense, It's been a crazy 22 days without a single day off. Can't wait for tomorrow. On a positive note, Project 365 has come along better than I expected, give or take a day, although I realize this morning that I am 3 days behind. I have discovered that I do not like taking pictures with my phone. Sure, the phone is good for random shots on the fly like a pop bottle sitting on my desk.
(BTW, yeah I drank that Throwback Mountain Dew. It was the most sugary, blissful 15 minutes of January 9th. But, I digress...)
To capture the real stuff that's going on around me, I gotta have my Nikon CoolPix! I was again caught with just a cellphone when I decided to capture this moment during the ice storm this week:

Hard to see, but this little elderly couple had slid into the stop sign and gotten stuck on a sheet of ice. The cop came and called a tow truck to get them back on track. The sweetest part of the whole thing was that the policeman helped them walk across the street to get to their car. The bad part of this moment was that right after I snapped this shot, Bailey decided to prance out into the middle of the street to say hello to the policeman. Luckily, leash laws don't apply during an ice storm!

Off to work. 'Til next time,

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