Sunday, September 6, 2009

Not a lot to blog about. I did start a second job at Hobby Lobby two weeks ago. This might have bad news written all over it, as I can see myself spending more money and taking on more craft projects, LOL. However, I feel like I can exercise some self control and actually take that second paycheck and pay some bills with it!

Work at Lowe's is the same. Busy, as always, with more programs, checklists and daily things 'to do' coming all the time. I'm thinking of telling my boss that I'd like to step away from the Davenport store mentorship, as visiting there only once a month seems futile. We shall see.

Today is my only day off this week and I am totally unmotivated to do anything. I did manage to get the laundry done and straighten up the house, but now I feel the need to log some serious couch time!

Until next time,

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