Sunday, March 9, 2008

just LOOK at that belly!

My little patient is recovering nicely - with a belly full of scrambled eggs on a lazy Sunday morning, LOL! She seemed to be feeling much better, so I took her on a little field trip to PetSmart last night. (Because she only has a few teeth left, she'll have to eat a mix of wet and dry food from now on, so we had to stock up.) After that, we stopped at Lowe's to see my friend, Elizabeth, who is absolutely in love with Bailey, and then we drove by Best Buy to see brother-in-law, Jeff. It was a nice little outing for her. I think we are both way past the initial stages of 'cabin fever' and can't wait for the roads to clear and the weather to warm up.
Speaking of weather, we started Daylight Saving Time this morning so our clocks jumped ahead an hour. However, there's no sign of Spring in sight, as the forecast has a 30% chance of snow with temps around 30 degrees... We'll probably head out here for a short walk and then I'll probably do some scrapping or card making...
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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