Saturday, July 17, 2010

why would anyone want to put soap in her eyes?

Did you know that Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world? Happy-go-lucky, these merry little hounds are neither aggressive nor timid and will befriend everyone they meet. Beagles are wonderful, loyal, loving companions. I have been blessed with Bailey in my life for 10 years now and have truly never owned a better dog.

Unfortunately for Beagles, these congenial traits and the fact that they have very few genetic health problems have led to them to be chosen for animal testing more often than any other breed. Beagles are used for testing cosmetics and household products, experiments in medicine, environmental science and biological research. Even the FDA has used Beagles for testing chemical substances and food toxins.

Recently, 120+ Beagles made the journey from a research lab in the New York area to loving forever families. Here’s their story:

I’d like to urge you to take the time to look in your medicine cabinets and pantrys and make the switch to products produced by cruelty-free-companies.

For more information on animal testing and a list of companies that do not test on animals, see PETA's Shopping Guide for Caring Consumers:

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