Monday, June 7, 2010

Got up early this morning because I had to run into work for a meeting. Yes, even while I'm on vacation I get stuck traipsing into that place! While I was there, I checked my email really quick and I'm glad I did because it looks like I'll be travelling to Rockford for a meeting next Tuesday. Have I mentioned that I absolutely HATE travelling for this job? In any event, I left in a hurry, not wanting to spend any more time there than absolutely necessary.
Then, I had the dreaded doctor's appointment. As I suspected, not great news. My blood sugars are about the same; blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. all good, BUT I've gained about 20 pounds since last summer. Totally disappointing, totally disheartening. I stopped myself from running to Panera Bread and drowning my sorrows in a sweet, sugary treat.
So, I came home and tried to get crafty. My heart wasn't really in it today, but I felt if I did absolutely nothing I would be wasting a valuable day of freedom. So, I got out the paints and painted some Grungeboard embellishments to be used later - even Halloween stuff didn't cheer me up, but here's some of what I did:

That's it for today! Thanks for stopping by!

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