Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wow. 2009 is ending with a bang, so to speak.
My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer the week before Christmas and 7 days later was having surgery to remove 1/3 of her right lung. She's out of the hospital now and recuperating at home, thankfully. The road to recovery for her will be an extended one and we are hoping for the best.

I finished the year still holding down 2 jobs with very little free time in between. I'm going to cut back to just 2 days/week at Hobby Lobby in the hopes of finding a little more 'me time'. My motto for the coming year will be: "Work to live; don't live to work."

I'm spending New Year's Eve at home with a friend; no raucous partying for us... At the rate things are going, we'll be lucky to make it 'til midnight, which is fine by me. I'm ready for a new year and a fresh start!

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