Friday, January 2, 2009

Yesterday was spent at the craft table, working on two new scrapbook pages. It felt good to get my hands all ink-y again because it's been awhile. Here's what I accomplished:
(christmas page)
(year in review)

I love my 'year in review' pages! They're full of photos that really don't merit a page on their own, but spark a memory nonetheless! My scrapbook is all caught up. Now what?

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Rachelle said...

Sorry that I didn't send some Christmas goodies. They probably would have been pretty yucky by the time they got there!

Hey how come my stamping blog isn't listed on your side bar? jk! Hope you guys are enjoying your freezing cold weather! It's been in the 60's all day & the leaves are finally falling off the trees! Our season's are a little mixed up as you well know! We miss you guys so much!

Just the other day the kids were talking about all 3 of you (we miss Omen too)! Hope you're doing good!