Saturday, December 20, 2008


After an incredibly full week, I am spent. Inventory at work came and went, and, although hugely stressful, everything came out great in the end and we met our goal and earned bonuses for everyone, including me! The only problem is that we have to wait until March for the check. :-(
Yesterday morning brought 12" of snow and I am very grateful that I did not have to go to work. In fact, I spent the entire day in bed, mostly due to the post-inventory celebration hangover from Thursday night... (Most of you know that I am not usually one to drink to excess, but things just got away from me and the empty stomach did not help.) But, hey, who doesn't deserve a day spent in bed napping and watching bad TV?
Today, much to my dismay, I have to go into work. There are a lot of things that got pushed aside due to inventory and I need to catch up. So, It will be a day spent in my office with the iPod headphones in, tuning out the world and plowing through paperwork...
Have a wonderful Saturday!

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