Saturday, November 8, 2008


I've been Tagged by my friend Rachelle, so here goes:

6 TV shows: Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor and The Unit
6 Things that happened today: my dad died 10 years ago, I talked on the telephone until 2 a.m., I watched a bunch of old home movies, I baked peanut butter cookies, I made chicken & dumplings and am now watching the Iowa Hawkeye football game
6 Things I am looking forward to: seeing the new 'Twilight' movie, Thanksgiving, getting past inventory @ work, Christmas and then, vacation
6 Things on my wish list: to lose 25 more pounds, to cure my Diabetes, to meet Mr. Right, to find a job that pays more and to win the lottery
6 People to tag: LouAnn, Amanda, Steph, Nikki, Jennifer S. and Erica

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